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    How can I determine the lifting capacity of my forklift once I add attachments to the carriage?

    Adding attachments to a forklift carriage brings on a whole new dynamic to the stability of the lift and will change the carrying capacity. There is actually a very complex interrelationship going on with a multitude of forklift parameters which is much too complicated for the average person to understand so we invented the LiftTruckCapacityCalculator tool for the average guy or gal to use.

    Factors that can effect residual capacity are forklift model, tires, mast, carriage, sideshift distance, rotational torque, horizontal load center, vertical load center, attachment specifications, fork specifications, and the list goes on.

    Use the Fork Lift Capacity Calculator website to build a truck configuration and add up to three attachments to the front with the easy drop down menus, go to the summary page to check the configuration you have selected, select a load center, hit the “Calculate Capacity” button, and the software takes care of all the math.

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    Can I trust that the LiftTruckCapacityCalculator capacity rating results are accurate?

    Yes. The software was designed by forklift capacity rating engineers with many years of experience in the business and the website uses only published manufacturer’s data for the calculations. Manufacturer’s results may not be identical but should be within standard acceptable tolerances.

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    Does attachment sideshift or rotation affect the capacity of my forklift?

    Sometimes it will and this is considered in the Lift Truck Capacity Calculator software.

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    How can I be sure which attachment size is right for my application and truck configuration?

    With the Lift Truck Capacity website you simply start with an attachment you think you need and when you execute the calculation the program will tell you how much excess attachment capacity you have or whether the attachment is limiting your available truck capacity. Then you simply go back and change the attachment model and recalculate to optimize the configuration.

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    How do I know what fork size is optimal for my application and truck configuration?

    If you are a seasoned veteran you will probably make a common selection and get in the ballpark, but without this software you would never really be able to optimize the forks for maximum truck capacity at minimum fork size. Fork sizing can become quite complex as attachments and load centers change.

    The fork lift capacity calculator tells you if you have excess or insufficient fork capacity and how much, so you can go back and change the fork size to optimize the configuration.

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    How can I get a capacity rating plate or label for my forklift?

    Once you have optimized your configuration with the forklift capacity calculator, simply click the "Purchase Capacity Label" button and you will be directed to a screen where you will select a label type and a previously stored record from your list. The data will be presented on the label image for your review, and an "Order Capacity Label" button will direct you to a checkout screen for immediate shipment. All orders will be reviewed by our engineers prior to shipment.

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    Isn’t the manufacturer required to provide the forklift capacity rating information?

    OSHA makes provisions in the standard for a professional engineer to provide forklift capacity rating tags. Forklifts must be correctly labeled for capacity with any attachment being used and there are many situations where the manufacturer cannot or will not provide this information in a timely manner. In the interest of safety OSHA provides an alternative in the standard and the Lift Truck Capacity Calculator brings this process into the 21st century with available computer and internet technology.

    Professional Forklift Engineering Services is a licensed professional engineering company authorized by the OSHA regulations and qualified to provide these capacity rating tags.

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    How can I tell how fork wear is affecting my lift truck capacity and when should I replace my worn forks?

    In the past it was recommended to replace worn forks once they are worn 10% at the heel thickness but there was no way to really know how it was affecting the truck capacity. With the forklift capacity calculator the new fork thickness can be input and the resultant forklift capacity can be determined.

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    Will the Lift Truck Capacity Calculator work if I have an integral attachment on my fork lift?

    Yes but first you need to upload the integral attachment specs via the button on the attachment screen. Once that is done we will load the specs into the database so you can use them to calculate truck capacities.

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    How can the Fork Lift Capacity Calculator website best help me?

    In many ways, but primarily by having instant access to critical information that is necessary to specify a forklift and attachment configuration for your application. You won’t be able to appreciate the power of the software until you get comfortable with its use, so please log in for your free trial and start using the website today!