Professional Forklift Engineering Services, LLC is a Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (Charleston area) based professional forklift engineering consulting services provider specializing in the arena of forklift capacity rating calculations. The proprietary software which powers the LiftTruckCapacityCalculator.com web portal was developed by engineers with many years of hands-on experience in providing forklift capacity ratings for some of the world’s largest forklift manufacturers. The company is a licensed professional forklift engineering firm in South Carolina, USA.


www.LiftTruckCapacityCalculator.com is the world’s first professional forklift engineering services provider with online forklift capacity rating system available to all manufacturers, dealers, brokers or customers that addresses the need for fast and accurate capacity information necessary to properly and safely specify a forklift configuration for a material handling application.

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Our Features

  • Build a forklift and attachment combination from a wide variety of makes and models.
  • Obtain certifiable capacity ratings based on manufacturer’s published data
  • Utilize calculations made in accordance with good engineering practice with software and algorithms designed by professional engineers.
  • Use drop-down menu selections for fast equipment configuration
  • Obtain instantaneous capacity rating results at any lift height or load center.
  • Utilize feedback features which guide the user in optimizing the configuration for maximum capacity at the lowest cost.
  • Quantify how fork wear is affecting truck capacity.
  • Determine the effect of excess side shift or lateral offset from rotating loads.
  • Store the user’s personal set of created configurations for later retrieval.
  • Obtain instant access to manufacturer’s specification sheets.