Forklift Capacity Calculator

Forklift Safety

Very recently, a beverage distributor in Hondo, Texas was fined by OSHA over $52,000 for failure to perform forklift training to the company's workers. These types of fines occur not only when businesses fail to meet OSHA's training requirements for forklift safety and operations, but also when there are violations in forklift safety or other health and safety related issues.

Osha Forklift

Forklifts are one of the best tools available for warehouses and manufacturing plants. But forklifts can also be very dangerous when improperly used. That is why there are OSHA forklift regulations, and why anyone who operates a lift truck should receive OSHA forklift certification.

Fork Lift Attachment

Forklifts might not be the primary backbone of the industrial world but they certainly play an invaluable role. They are essential for the lifting and moving of large and heavy loads. The fundamental forklift design concept hasn’t changed much over the years but the controls, safety and comfort features have evolved in recent decades. Forklift attachment designs however have continued to proliferate over the years and today you’ll find a wide variety of fork lift attachments that can be adapted to fit many different fork lifts and accomplish an infinite number of lifting and moving tasks. It is important to choose the correct forklift attachment for the forklift and the material handling job.

Equipment Capacity

Fork lifts are designed to carry heavy items but even they have their limits. Manufacturers are aware of this which is why each vehicle is accompanied with a label outlining its equipment capacity. To get the best result with your unit, it is vital that you take its equipment capacity into careful consideration. A careful assessment of the different factors that you will be working, will allow you make a more informed decision.

Fork Lift Certification

Fork lifts are an invaluable element of most warehouses and construction firms. They are typically used in lifting and moving heavy objects. Investing in a fork lift can go a long way in increasing the efficiency around the workplace. However, operating a fork lift is not a task that should be handled lightly.

Forklift Data Plate

Obtaining a forklift data plate is important. This is because it means that you have taken the time to consider a myriad of problems. Included among these are injuries to employees that can be serious. It can also result in major financial problems. Included among these are any benefits that have to be paid to workers who are injured, along with delays in delivery of services. There is also the consideration of fines resulting from unfavorable ergonomic conditions. Consider these questions, along with their answers.