Forklift Capacity Calculator

Fork lifts are an invaluable element of most warehouses and construction firms. They are typically used in lifting and moving heavy objects. Investing in a fork lift can go a long way in increasing the efficiency around the workplace. However, operating a fork lift is not a task that should be handled lightly.

Fork lifts are heavier than cars and have a lot more power. They can therefore lead to severe injuries or damage to property if they are handled wrongly. To prevent this, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) recommends that an operator be properly trained and certified before using a forklift.

There are many benefits to forklift certifications. For instance, during fork lift training programs, workers learn how to correctly assess the weight of the items that are to be carried. Different lifts have varying capacities as specified by their manufacturers. Trying to carry an object that exceeds the capacity of the forklift can not only damage the equipment but also lead to potential risks. Because of this, most fork lift rental companies insist on being informed of the exact weight of the items to be moved before agreeing to the terms.

Another important factor that is addressed during forklift certification programs is the height at which a forklift will be required to operate. Just like the weight of an object, fork lifts have different height ranges. These need to be taken into consideration when calculating the overall fork lift capacity. Using a lift that does not retain enough capacity for the intended height can result in several different unpleasant scenarios such as loss of control or the unit tipping over.

There are several other important factors that affect the equipment capacity of a forklift. Some of these include the vertical and horizontal load center, the side shift distance and the tires. The capacity of a fork can also be affected by its age if it becomes worn. New forks have a designated heel thickness that can become worn and thinner with use. This can have a significant impact on the capacity of a fork lift. Details such as these are addressed at length during forklift capacity certification.

However, even with training it takes a while before employees become competent enough to make the right decisions without guidance. More importantly, picking the right fork lift requires a careful consideration of all the different parameters involved-a task that is better suited to an engineering company or a team of qualified professionals. Fortunately, in such situations, there are online engineering applications that can be of assistance. A good example is Lift Truck Capacity Calculator.

The Lift Truck Capacity Calculator is an online application designed to provide employers and employees with the means of correctly calculating the capacity of forklifts. This allows them to make better decisions when buying units or modifying their fork lift attachments. The Lift Truck Capacity Calculator is powered by Professional Forklift Engineering Services, a company recognized and accredited for its expertise in this area. You can learn more about their services by visiting website or by calling 843-532-6469 to speak to an engineer.

Forklift Certificate

Obtaining a forklift certificate is important. This is because it means that you have taken the time to consider a myriad of problems. Included among these are injuries to employees that can be serious. It can also result in major financial problems.

Osha Forklift Certification

Forklifts pose hazards to workers if they aren't properly maintained, and when operators aren't properly trained in their operation. OSHA forklift certification is no laughing matter, and OSHA takes their regulations very seriously.