Understanding the lateral stability of a forklift is essential in order to ensure that operators complete jobs safely when using the equipment. The best way to think about lateral stability for a forklift is to compare it to your car. When you make this comparison, you can see that a forklift is narrower, higher up, and without suspension to handle bumps. Therefore, it is crucially important for an operator to practice safe driving techniques so the lift does not overturn.


Driving and turning at a reasonable speed, as well as exercising caution on slopes, will help maintain the center of balance for the forklift. That way, each job can be safely completed while eliminating the risk of dropping the load or crashing. Be sure to read all safety information when using a rotational attachment, and perform a thorough equipment check before operating the forklift, so that any potential risks can be assessed by management if needed.


Considering Lateral Stability In Engineering Calculations Of lift Truck Capacity Ratings

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