Forklift Capacity Calculator

Properly determining the capacity of forklifts is important. This is because that a failure to get it right can lead to a myriad of problems. Included among these are injuries to employees that can be serious. It can also result in major financial problems. Included among these are any benefits that have to be paid to workers who are injured, along with delays in delivery of services. There is also the consideration of fines resulting from unfavorable ergonomic conditions. One of the things you have to consider when it comes to load size is forklift attachments.

How? The answer is that we have created a Web portal where you can determine load capacities based on forklift attachments, which includes all the important details that you need to know and a tutorial. Visit, and its relevance will be obvious to you.

Figuring truck configuration for forklift attachments is easy with the Lift Truck Capacity website. You simply start with an attachment you think you need and when you execute the calculation. The program will then let you know how much excess attachment capacity you have or whether the attachment is limiting your available truck capacity. Then you simply go back and change the attachment model and recalculate to optimize the configuration.

Trusting the lift truck capacity calculator for information about forklift attachments is logical, because it was developed by engineers with many years of hands-on experience in providing forklift capacity ratings for some of the world's largest forklift manufacturers. These are professionals who know what they are doing and they have shared their knowledge in developing the calculator.

Do you also know that it's the world's first professional forklift capacity rating system for information about forklift attachments available to all manufacturers, dealers, brokers or customers that addresses the need for fast and accurate capacity information necessary to properly and safely specify a forklift configuration for a material handling application? What else should you know? Consider this information:

1. The calculator that is used to determine capacity based on forklift attachments was designed with the average individual in mind. The reason for this is simple and this is because the addition of attachments to a forklift carriage brings on a whole new dynamic to the stability of the lift and will change the carrying capacity. There is actually a very complex interrelationship going on with a multitude of forklift parameters which is much too complicated for the average person to understand

2. Determining capacity as it relates to forklift attachments is important because there are many factors that can affect residual capacity. Included among these are forklift model, tires, mast, carriage, sideshift distance, rotational torque, horizontal load center, vertical load center, attachment specifications, fork specifications, many others, which the calculator takes into consideration

3. Utilizing the capacity calculator to determine capacity based on forklift attachments is easy. All that is necessary to build a truck configuration with up to three attachments to the front is using drop down menus, followed by going to the summary page to check the configuration you have selected, selecting a load center, hitting the "Calculate Capacity" button, and then waiting for the software to handle all the calculations for you

4. Regardless of your situation, you can be confident that our calculator can help with forklift attachments by providing you with instant access to critical information that is necessary to specify a forklift and attachment configuration for your application. Visit to learn more, or pick up the telephone and call us at 843-532-6469