Forklift Capacity Calculator

There is no questioning the value of forklifts. They're an invaluable asset to any business where large or heavy items are going to be lifted. Depending on the design and model, forklifts can be used indoors or outdoors. They can be adapted to a wide range of tasks and functions depending on the capacity of the fork lift truck attachments. However, despite all these benefits working with fork lift attachments poses certain risks.

Fork lifts are large machines that are capable of causing grave or serious injuries. Because of this special rules and policies have been introduced by the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to protect people in the workplace environment.

Case in point; individuals with little or no experience are not allowed to drive fork lift trucks or operate fork lift truck attachments. The same is true for workers below the age of 18. Forklift workers are required to possess the relevant training certification before they are allowed to work with a fork lift. The transportation of toxic materials is reserved for only highly trained or experienced operators. Reorientation programs are also required at specified intervals.

An important factor that is closely connected to the safety and performance of a fork truck lift is its capacity rating. Behind their complicated build, many forklifts function on the basic principle of the lever. To create the right counterbalance, the weight of the item being lifted should never exceed that of the lift's rated capacity. Breaking this rule can result in potential risks to the forklift, the operator and the people around. A case in point of particular importance occurs when the addition of a fork lift truck attachments immediately reduces the overall capacity of the vehicle.

To avoid this, manufacturers are required to provide this information for every new unit. Fork lift truck attachments are typically marked with the details such as their maximum capacity load and the weight of the forklift. In the event that new fork lift truck attachments are added, the new modifications will change the forklift's capacity and these changes are required to be reflected on the forklift's capacity rating data plate. Employers are held responsible in situations where the forklift capacity data plate is found to inaccurate

Calculating the parameters that affect the capacity of a fork lift with attachments is no easy feat. It requires a careful evaluation of all the factors involved. Fortunately, there are several online applications that you can use towards this end. These tools take into consideration the different fork lift truck attachments that a unit might carry. All you will need to do is input the relevant information about the forklift and the attachments. A good example is Lift Truck Capacity Calculator.

The Lift Truck Capacity Calculator is an online computing application developed and powered by Professional Forklift Engineering Services-a professional engineering company that is recognized for its expertise in forklift capacity calculations and authorized by OSHA regulations to provide capacity data plates.

As well as calculating your lift capacity, the online services can also be used for ordering OSHA compliant capacity rating tags that you can use with your different fork lift trucks Visit to learn more about the program.