Forklift Capacity Calculator

Determining truck load capacity can be rather difficult. There are a multitude of factors that come into play when determining the load or carrying capacity of your fork lift. While many lifts have an initial indication of their maximum capacity, modifications or changes to the truck can change what the forklift can safely carry. While it is possible for the average person to work through some of the calculations necessary for determining what your truck can carry, they are difficult and rather monotonous. They are also prone to error, which can result in a number of difficulties for your crew and your business.

Instead of risking safety and OSHA violations by calculating your truck load capacity by hand, consider using an application, such as the one developed by Professional Forklift Engineering Services (found here). This tool was designed by certified engineers with years of experience in forklift capacity rating. You can trust the software to accurately provide the statistics you need on the capacity of your truck and have your calculations checked br professional engineers. The utility relies on published manufacturer's data, providing a rating far within standard acceptable tolerances. If you make any modifications to your forklift at all, having these capacities recalculated is essential.

Some of the factors that must be considered when determining truck load capacity include:

1. The forklift model

2. The tires installed on the forklift

3. The forklift's mast 4. The carriage 5

. The sideshift distance of the forklift

6. The rotational torque

7. The horizontal load center

8. The vertical load center

9. The attachment specifications

10. The fork specifications

There are many other factors that one may also need to consider when determining the load capacity of your truck. Rather than risking these calculations with data that may be inaccurate or out of date, you should consider using the truck load capacity calculator found at

Many experienced forklift operators rely on their experience to choose the right attachments and modifiers for their truck. While experience will allow these individuals to get their selection "about right," the only way to be absolutely sure that everything is up to specification is by using a tool that takes all of the variables into consideration. Avoiding unnecessary accidents, injuries, and even deaths is everyone's responsibility. Don't leave the safety of your crew up to gut instinct when an easy to use tool is available. You might save two minutes by choosing the attachment based on your hunch, but what if those two minutes lead to someone becoming injured or worse?

It is no longer necessary to lose track of the capacity of your truck. With the tool provided at, you can understand how any change in your truck affects its capacity. The tool can even determine the capacity of a truck with worn forks, which is a particularly difficult task, even for those with years of experience.

Stop leaving your company and your crew at risk. Stop worrying about whether or not your trucks are up to OSHA standards. Check out the tool right now and find out how it can help you.