Forklift Operator and Machine Certifications

As you work to grow your crew, you need employees that are certified to operate the machinery you use every day. Forklift operators are certified by special forklift operator training schools that help maintain OSHA compliance and increase safety in the workplace.


As long as employees are over the age of 18, have a high school diploma or GED, and complete the training, they will be able to earn a forklift certification. This is particularly useful for those in a number of industries that work with heavy machinery, including construction, manufacturing, landscaping, docking, and more. Holding a certificate in forklift operation gives employees a valuable tool they can use in their career moving forward.


The forklift operator will learn how to read a forklift data plate or load chart which gives the operator information about the amount of load that can be safely lifted and to what heights and reaches. The operator will also learn to read the data plate and determine if the plate accurately represents the current configuration of the machine with the present attachments installed. If the data plate does not reflect the current attachments installed, the operator or company management may contact Professional Forklift Engineering Services, LLC at or 843-532-6469 to have the forklift data plate or load chart updated and the machine certified to the new safe lifting capacity.


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