Forklift safety is not to be taken lightly. This equipment is involved in around 90,000 accidents every year and sometimes people sustain severely, and occasionally even fatal injuries from these incidents. Even if a forklift accident at the workplace doesn’t result in such serious consequences, it’s likely that a business will find still itself embroiled in workers’ compensation issues, and OSHA will always investigate the accident looking for regulatory violations. The infographic depicts the various recorded causes of accidents.   Regardless of the ultimate resolution, a missing or incorrect data plate will be flagged, will result in OSHA fines, and can be legal fodder.


An incorrect or missing data plate can preclude an operator and the management team from understanding the lifting limitations of the machine. Properly trained forklift operators understand how to read the data plate and look for the forklift’s maximum capacity in a particular situation. Fortunately, there is now no reason to operate with an incorrect data plate because the specialists at Professional Forklift Engineering Services make it easy, quick, and cost effective to stay OSHA compliant. If we can help your business obtain the data plates and certifications you need please contact us for a quote.


How to Update Your Forklift Capacity Data Plate

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